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Island Women Against Violence is seeking new board members to join our board team. Do you have some time and experience that you could donate to our thriving non-profit organization? Please send letters of interest to admin@iwav.org


You have the right to be safe.

Island Women Against Violence is a non-profit society providing services throughout the Southern Gulf Islands to women and their children affected by poverty, violence and abuse.


Women and Children’s Voices

“I stayed at the Transition House a while back. It was very helpful for me, I would not have known where to go otherwise. I was also helped to get set up in second stage, temporary housing and now have my own place. Without all of that help, I would not have been able to get out of my abusive relationship”

Transition House and The Cedars

“While no one wants to be in this situation, I was very grateful for a safe haven. I felt nothing but supported and safe in a healing environment.”

Transition House

“Such important resources. It has been a catalyst for change behavior and growth. I was stuck and needed an advocate and also connection to services.”

Women’s Outreach Services

“With The Stopping the Violence counsellor’s help through the years, brought me from 0 to 10 in self esteem.”

STV Counselling

“Counselling helped bridge me to a position of empowerment. The skills I learned transferred over into my parenting. Having a safe place to talk is imperative to break the isolation inherent in the abusive relationship.”

STV Counselling

“I have experienced incredible healing as a result of my counselling sessions. I have moved to a place of restoring my own dignity and self-love and inviting respectful people into my life.”

STV Counselling

“It has been so helpful to have this kind of long term support. It has helped me build self-esteem and skills to evaluate present relationships.”

“The counsellor helped to guide me in my recovery – she gave me many tools for my tool box of self help.”

“I would not have had the resources for this life saving service. That it was free to me was essential.”

“My STV counsellor helped me overcome depression, self-loathing, addiction and fear. Her work with me has resulted in a woman who looks forward to and enjoys life, a renewed faith in the ‘system’, a productive community member.”

“All workers were very resourceful with ideas, plans and projects to help build a ‘happier me’.”

Women’s Outreach

“I learned ways how to control my feelings much better.”

CWWA program

“Before I was nervous to say anything about my life but now I can say whatever I want and I know it’s okay.”

CWWA program

“I have noticed that my child is better at explaining what he needs, and how he is feeling. His anger level overall has gone down.”

CWWA parent

“This entire program greatly helped me from start to finish. Simply being there for me when I needed support gave me the confidence to carry on with my life and let go of the stress my abuse has caused me.”

CWWA program


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