Letters of Support Needed by June 7th!

We are calling on our supporters to please write letters of support for our Croftonbrook Affordable Housing Project on Corbett Road. The Islands Trust will be reviewing it again at the LTC on June 7th and needs to hear your voice of support for our rezoning application to be approved! Croftonbrook is one of the key housing solutions to our island’s severe housing crisis.

IWAV currently provides 20 units of subsidized seniors housing at Croftonbrook, on 1.5 acres of the full 5 acre property, which is close to the hospital and walking distance to Ganges.

The land is zoned to build an additional 20 units of seniors housing. The construction for this will begin in Sept 2018 with occupancy in August 2019 (estimated). These new 20 units will be for seniors and some units will be for those seniors experiencing homelessness.

Where we need support is for the rezoning application for 34 additional units of rental housing for low to moderate income individuals, couples and small families.

The Croftonbrook project is special on many fronts:
• Additional 54 new rental units created for our community
• Over $5 million of capital funding committed from CRD and BC Housing
• Alternative water supply that is suitable and sufficient for all residents
• Over 20% of the units will provided at the provincial shelter allowance amount (currently $375/mo) for people experiencing homelessness
• Support services will be available through our local partner organizations
• Energy and water conservation throughout the project
• Landscape plan including lots of green space, native planting, bioswales and rain water irrigation

June 7th is an important date because the LTC is going to consider giving IWAV’s rezoning application it’s 2nd reading of the bylaw. This is a critical date to demonstrate that the project is moving forward – to the funders and the community as a whole.

Please send letters to the Islands Trust Trustees Peter Grove (pgrove@islandstrust.bc.ca) and George Grams (ggrams@islandstrust.bc.ca). They need to continue to hear the strong support for this project and also stories of how the severe housing crisis is impacting our community.