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"We envision people living free from violence and abuse."


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Island Women Against Violence (IWAV) is a non-profit society providing services throughout the Southern Gulf Islands to women and their children affected by poverty, violence and abuse.

We operate the Salt Spring Island Transition House, the 24-Hour Violence & Abuse Help Line, Women's Outreach Services, Stopping the Violence Counselling for Women and Children Who Witness Abuse Counselling for Children.  We also run a community-based thrift store, "Transitions", in downtown Ganges on Salt Spring Island as a fundraising program for the organisation.

We work from a feminist perspective and offer non-judgmental support and information that will assist women in making their own choices.

Island Women Against Violence is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of women from the community who believe in the mandate and purposes of the organisation and bring a variety of skills and background to their work at the Board level.

The Salt Spring Island Transition House first opened its doors in the summer of 1995 when a house was anonymously donated for the express purpose of operating a transition house for women. Many volunteers dedicated themselves to establishing this service in the community. In November 1998, the house began receiving regular operating funding from the BC Ministry of Women's Equality.

The transition house is currently staffed with trained support counsellors and is accessible to single women or women with their children around the clock. Women can reach us by calling toll-free 1-877-435-7544.

"We envision people living free from
poverty, violence and abuse."



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