Croftonbrook has
providing affordable housing for seniors and persons with disabilities since 1985.

Croftonbrook – Now and in the Future

Island Women Against Violence (IWAV) owns and operates Croftonbrook which provides 20 units of subsidized rental housing for seniors and people with disabilities.  In response to the serious housing shortage in the community, IWAV proposes a 2-phase development that will add 54 new rental units.

The new development is a mixed model housing, which means that the rentals will be available to individuals, couples and small families who have low to moderate incomes.  Some of the units will be provided for people who are experiencing homelessness.

The current zoning zoning allows for an additional 20 units and this phase is proceeding through the regulatory steps to meet the expected occupancy for 2019.

There is a rezoning process underway to allow for an additional 34 units of affordable rental housing. The rezoning bylaw has received first reading bylaw approval by Islands Trust and the project development team is working diligently to meet the regulatory approvals to have a successful outcome.

The Croftonbrook development has received capital funding through the CRD Regional Housing First Program, a partnership with CRD, BC Housing and Island Health.  The Salt Spring Island Foundation has also provided a grant to support the water system design.

The Salt Spring Island Housing Council participated with IWAV in community consultations as part of the 2015 Housing Needs Assessment that informed Croftonbrook’s expansion plans. It is anticipated that the Housing Council will continue to play a role in community engagement as planning proceeds.

To apply for housing in Phase I, please visit the BC Housing website and either print the application form and mail it in, or fill it in online.

There is no application process available for Phase II or III at this time.