Stopping the Violence (STV) is a feminist-based counselling program specifically for women
whose lives have been affected by violence and abuse.Recognizing and acknowledging the strengths of
survivors and each woman’s right to make her own choices is an integral part of Stopping the Violence counselling.

Counselling is provided individually or in group, based on the needs of individual women.

Who is STV Counselling for?

  • Women who have experienced violence in relationships

  • Women who have experienced sexualized assault

  • Women who have experienced sexual abuse or childhood abuse

What is battering?

Battering is abuse and can be defined as repeated behaviours used by one person in order to gain power and control over another person.

These acts of violence and abuse may be psychological, emotional, financial, physical or sexual.

What is sexualized assault?

Sexualized assaults are acts of violence, usually committed by men against women and include any form of unwanted sexual contact.

What is child sexual abuse?

Child sexual abuse includes a range of behaviours that give the abuser a sense of power and control and negatively impact a child. Behaviours range from suggestive looks to talk to self-exposure, genital fondling, masturbating in front of a child or intercourse.

Child sexual abusers are often known to and trusted by the child or the child’s family. They can include family members, neighbours, friends or other people that come into contact with children through work or recreation.

Call the Stopping the Violence Counsellor at:

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This service is free and confidential.