Who can go?

  • Women with or without children who need a safe place from violence and abuse

  • Women who need safety from many different kinds of abuse including physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse

  • Women from all classes, ages, sexual orientation, social and cultural backgrounds

How do I get there?

Call the Violence & Abuse 24-Hour Help Line any time, day or night.

REFER YOURSELF: Transition House staff will always want to speak to you directly so you can let them know what you need. Someone who wants to help (a friend, family, social worker, police officer, etc.) may suggest you call us, but it always up to you.

What should I bring?

  • take your children with you when you leave

  • important papers and cards

  • Social Insurance number

  • Medical cards

  • Passports

  • Bank cards

  • Credit Cards

  • Any other important documents

  • any medications for you or your children

  • keys to your house, car, work, etc.

  • your purse

It’s a safe place where:

  • single women or women and their children seeking safety from violence and abuse can stay for awhile

  • there is practical and emotional support

  • you can get information about other resources

  • necessities like food, personal care items and emergency clothing are supplied

  • you can take time to get information and make decisions